I started back running on day 43 post surgery and was surprised at how comfortable I felt. With a high impact bra I had no bounce, and my breasts didn’t feel any different to running pre-surgery. By my 5th run (8 days later) I was up to 60 minutes at a relaxed pace, so it was very pleasing to know that my daily exercise routine over the past 6 weeks had maintained a good level of fitness.

Yoga blog pic 2


I have been able to return to doing full Sun Salutes, but I’m still being cautious with planking transitional movements (only doing halfway and NOT doing jump back/jump through between postures yet). The only time I am aware of the implants in yoga is in the Chaturanga Dandasana position (low plank) and the tension feels too strong in that position so I avoid that movement.

My shoulders and back are still quite stiff and are resisting deep twists and rotations – so although I can catch my fingers together in Supta Kurmasana, Pasasana and Maricyasana 4, my shoulder joints feel tight and I can’t yet easily move into these. Deeper backbends are not possible either yet as both my upper and lower back have stiffened up considerably.

Strength & Balance postures added:

  • Jathara Parivartasana – Lying Abdominal Twist
  • Vasisthasana & Kasyapasana – Plank and sideways variations
  • Bhujadipadasana – Crossed Ankles hand balance pose
  • Eka Hasta Bhujasana – Elephant Trunk hand balance pose
  • Bakasana – Crow pose
  • Parsva Bakasana – Sideways Crow pose
  • Astakravasana – 8 Ways Bending balance
  • Salamba Sirsasana – Headstand (with all usual variations)

Note that it took the full two weeks for me to regain the strength in my arms and shoulders.

Over these 2 weeks gradually moving into stronger backbends:

  • Urdhva Dhanurasana – Upwards Bow pose
  • Setu Bhandasana – Bridge pose variations
  • Bhekasana & Supta Bhekasana – Frog pose and Inverted Frog pose
  • Laghu Vajrasana – Thunderbolt pose
  • Ekapada Rajakapotasana – Single Leg King Pigeon pose (variations )
  • Natarajasana – with one hand above and other outstretched (not full position with both arms overhead)

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