Hi, I’m Larissa.

Many years ago, in the early 1990s, as an un-sporty 21 year old I was introduced to triathlon by a friend. It looked like fun, so I learnt how to swim and ride and run. I relished every moment and I loved how good it made me feel. Moving my body became my happy place.

Unfortunately, chronic health issues and heavy work stress killed my youthful triathlon dreams of going to the World Championships, despite attaining NZ team selection.

Life showed me another way to feel good in myself – with yoga. Doing became a commitment to learning and sharing as a yoga teacher. My fascination for holistic health and self-healing led me to gain degrees in nutritional and anti-aging medicines so that I could better nurture my own wellness, and help others improve their vitality and enjoyment of life. This kept me busy and fulfilled for 20 years.

Then my 50th birthday approached holding that clichéd neon sign flashing ‘Do something extraordinary with the time you have left before it’s too late!’

I had two major targets left on my do-it-don’t-just-dream-it hitlist:

  1. Become an Ironman – because this was the event my younger self had once hungered to do but never attempted, and the idea of it had started to get me salivating, even though I would have to learn how to swim, bike and run all over again.
  2. Become a published Writer – because I’d been a closet writer my whole life, with boxes full of scribblings shoved under the stairs and a folder optimistically titled ‘Writing’ which no longer did somersaults when it saw me flip open my laptop.

So, the challenges were set with a mix of gut churning fear and uplifting curiosity. Here’s what happened.

I lined up for Taupo Ironman NZ in March 2019 and crossed the finish line 12 hours 37 minutes later. It wasn’t easy. There were plenty of tests in making this lean bendy body become a 140.6 mile machine. But instead of sating my appetite, it’s started me on a comeback journey as a masters 50-54 age group triathlete. You’re welcome to join me as I train towards my second Taupo Ironman NZ in 2020 and discover what athletic adventures lie beyond it for me.

As I became triathlon fit, I decided to write this blog with the aim of sharing practical tips on how to get more out of yourself as an athlete using functional yoga and smart nutrition – because being the best you can be doesn’t stop when you finish a training session or race. It’s an awesome part of who you are every minute of the day. You’ll also find some of my personal swim-bike-run ramblings purely for light entertainment.

If you’re an athlete seeking personalised yoga or health guidance, then I’m available for private coaching – just get in touch with me through the contacts page.