Green Goddess Summer Salad

With a couple of free weeks in between Ironman training blocks, I've been back in the kitchen playing with food. Some of my go-to flavours are lime, coriander and chilli. This recipe is my version of a divine salad I always order at my favourite restaurant. It's packed full of protein for my vegan friends … Continue reading Green Goddess Summer Salad

A Bite of Something Yummy Truffles

Have you ever had those times when you stand in front of the fridge and think to yourself: 'I want a bit of something yummy, but I don't know what I feel like having.' As a triathlete, this happens to me regularly. The hardest time is between meals and training sessions, when I want a … Continue reading A Bite of Something Yummy Truffles

Larissa’s Get-Up-And-Go Granola

I never had an appetite for breakfast until I started training for Ironman and found myself ravenous after grunty 3000m early morning swim squad sessions. When you’re training twice a day your breakfast often doubles as a recovery meal, so it’s really important to make sure it has a good balance of carbohydrates, fats and … Continue reading Larissa’s Get-Up-And-Go Granola